I'm Giuliano. I'm not an illustrator. I'm not a concept artist. I'm not a painter nor a comic artist. I'm not a character artist. I'm not a 3d specialist too and I'm not a matte painter. Yep, I'm not a lot of things. 
I'm working in advertising since 1987. Today I'm art director and Associate Creative Director at Keller Adv. I ever painted only for fun and in my little spare time. I rarely accept commission stuff or side projects but if you wanna say Hi check my social channels:

Things about my scribbles that I'm proud of: 

Sci-fi Excellence Award in Ballistic's Exposé
Cover and feature in Lightspeed Magazine
Featured in Ballistic's Exotique 2
Featured in CGSociety.com
Carbonmade Featured Artist
Featured in ImagineFX.com
Published in ImagineFX Magazine
Winner of CGHub's Story Tellers #04
Winner of CgHub's Story Tellers #06
Winner of CgHub's Drawing Jam#38
Winner of CgHub's Drawing Jam #48
Winner of Conceptart's Chow #278
Winner of CGHub's Character Forge #39
Winner of CGHub's Character Forge #38
Featured in CaféSalé Artbook 08
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