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The Pirates step by step

This is the full process of Pirates. All the WIPs was developed and discussed in the cghub’s activity topic. And this is the final entry with a color correction and some tweak here and there:  
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Lightspeed Magazine Interview

by GALEN DARA PUBLISHED IN MAY 2013 (ISSUE 36) | 1336 WORDS Giuliano Brocani is a designer and illustrator living in Italy. His portfolio and blog are at You can follow him on Twitter @notpill. *** Our cover image this month is your fabulous illustration, Leviathan. Such a visually stunning piece, harrowing and visceral. I […]
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  My first take at one of the most famous’s activity  Character of the Week So c’mon, if you are a CA user, spread some love here. THE BRIEF: In the 42nd Century a secret agency is formed and tasked with sending highly trained assassins through time. Their targets are chosen so that their deaths alter […]
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Someone ffffound me!

Well, you've got a very strange feeling when you scan on a daily basis that site searching for inspiration, creativity, beauty ...and you stumble upon something YOU did.
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Wer ist da?

This is a 'watch and paint' excercise, so no tracing or overpainting: just pause the movie you're watching and paint the frame you see on tv.
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